The Old New Fellowship

Frquently Asked Questions

1. What kind of people does Old New support?

Anyone working to promote positive-sum interactions. It could be a technologist working on a new educational startup, an economist working on a feasibility study for new infrastructure investment, a writer working on a new book, a scientist working on new agricultural varieties, or a therapist working on a new approach to help trauma survivors. This includes non-profit and for-profit initiatives.

2. What does the fellowship entail?

All participants in our program will receive the following:

3. Is this some kind of political project? Which side are you on?

We bring together people of all faiths and backgrounds who recognize each other's rights and aspirations and want to work together to create shared prosperity in the Middle East.

Ultimately, we want our fellows to change the world and for "Old New Fellow" to be an exclusive designation synonymous with excellence and goodwill.

4. I'm working on something relevant. How do I apply?

Fill up this form and we will follow up with you.

5. Who is behind this initiative?

The fellowship is an initiative of Dror Poleg and is supported by donors and volunteers from all faiths, groups, and countries in the region. We are in the process of putting together our core team.